Are you always talking about building a successful business in Africa?

What’s stopping you?

The Network

Do you lack a network of business leaders committed to Africa, who you have an engaging and trusted relationship with? 

The Ideal Environment

Do you want to be in an environment that helps you: overcome business and personal hurdles; generate new ideas; and re-energises you?  

The Tools

Do you lack the tools and techniques to strengthen your personal resilience and to create an effective accountability system which keeps you on track?

Less Talk More Action

Gain the network, skills and knowledge you need to operate a business in Africa. Join the movement, become a GoGetter.

Building a trusted network, finding an Africa focused online platform and physical space to engage with likeminded business leaders, who you can trust, who will hold you accountable and keep you energised is challenging.

GoGetters are excited to be launching an invaluable leadership programme called ‘Less Talk, More Action’ (LTMA) aimed at entrepreneurs who recognise the urgency of utilising their potential now, both in their home environment and in Africa.

GoGetters have previously run workshops and talks across Africa and have now created this flagship programme, which will act as an initiation to becoming a GoGetters fellow. This is the marijauana first time this unique programme is being run and if selected you will join as a founding fellow of the GoGetters movement.

Take action now if:

  • You want to be equipped with the tools to allow you to realise / unleash your strengths and reinforce your personal resilience;
  • You want to gain valuable business and personal insights from a network of like-minded GoGetters;
  • You are running your own business (or want to start one up) in Africa in the near future;
  • You want to build a toolkit of resources that enable you to overcome business and personal challenges;
  • You want to create an effective accountability system to keep you focused towards establishing a successful business; and
  • You want to develop a network of peers who will be in Africa to support you as you grow your business.

Take action!

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