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You have a great idea, then what? 

Posted by | March 19, 2015 | Alieu Fofanah | No Comments

‘I wish’ and ‘someday’ are words which have no definitive timeline, but you have to start somewhere to make it anywhere. When GoGetters was in its fetus stage, I shared a vision of someday Africa rising and us being a part of it not from London but on the ground in Africa. A week later I had created a well thought out proposal of how I believed I could lead a team across 6 African countries. Though it was short, it had all the key information they needed to believe. I started somewhere and you can too. If you are ready to Go Get It, then read on!

People Invest in People Not Ideas:Your idea will ignite excitement, but what they see in you as an entrepreneur is what people invest in. Can they trust your character, judgment, or leadership skills?

Build The Story of The Idea: It is important to outline the problem, and even if you do not have the solution yet, by outlining how you will go about researching potential solutions shows promise in you! Those you’re targeting must be able to clearly understand the advantages of your idea. Think about the wider impact leading into the legacy that will be created if the idea is accomplished.

Now Reel Them in With Execution: It’s all about the tangible progress you have made. Your commitment to your idea and steps you have taken to execute this says a lot about your traction, track record and your reputation. Whatever your output is they need to say ‘wow, you’re really serious about this!’

That is how within 2 weeks I pitched the idea of GoGetters to 40 people. Had 15 people interested in hearing more and after I shared the proposal, signed 10 initial team members.. From having just an idea, to having a team in 14 days materialised because I stopped wishing and thinking about someday, I just got to it #GoGetIt!

Alieu Fofanah

About Alieu Fofanah

An Associate Chartered Accountant who in 2010 was invited to the House of Lords by Lord Adebowale, to feature as a Future Leader in the Magazine published by Powerful Media. Previously worked as a debt restructuring and business recovery specialist at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Alieu’s vision for GoGetters to act as a channel for entrepreneurs to build creative solutions, which transform the world.

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