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The African Promise Part 2

Posted by | May 18, 2015 | Tola James Odukoya | 3 Comments
Africa Promise p2

My mother has always said to me “son be careful what you say, because you don’t know which Angel is passing by that has the authority to carry out what you have just said.” This is the reason why I have always proclaimed prosperity, wealth, good health and success; eagerly waiting in anticipation for the Angel of authority to carry my words unto God’s throne and for God Almighty to stamp it with the seal of approval.

This is why I dare to believe and this is why I’m part of a movement that dare to dream. We dare to dream what others have had nightmares about. The French had nightmares of the late President Thomas Sankara fulfilling his destiny of Burkina Faso breaking away from their colonial chains.

Our dream has blossomed into a promise; a promise that we have pledged with our tongue and a promise that has been signed, sealed and delivered to come into fruition. The African promise is both terrifying and amazing at the same time; it’s the sort of energy that you feel on the African continent once you integrate with the local community. The sense of risk, excitement, danger, opportunity and passion mixed together allows your five senses to awaken your third eye…the calling of the lost souls of the Motherland cannot be ignored.

It was such a huge sacrifice to go out to Africa and reap the many blessings it had to offer. It took a great deal of courage and an even bigger financial risk to quit my job and convince myself I was doing the right thing, but I had made a promise to Alieu Fofanah aka Mr Africa. He asked me which countries I would be travelling to for the pilot project, I chose to commit to Ghana and Nigeria. I also made a promise to myself and that promise was to become successful in everything I am involved in. Last but not least, I made a promise to Africa, and that promise was that with my network and resources Africa would unlock its full potential to restore what I call the Lost Kingdoms of Africa. Now it has been said…it will be brought into existence!

Be positive, thoughts are things and our thoughts modify the world we live in today. Positive thoughts create movement; an unforeseen force comes to the relevant person when listening to their innerself. The late great Nelson Mandela listened to his omens and he ended the apartheid in his own country. Did Nelson Mandela do anything extraordinary? Or did he just do what he was supposed to do? If every African listened to their calling, I believe that we would be in a time zone that would seem unimaginable in this day and age and that is why I believe that you can speak things into existence.

It is time to stop talking and start acting! Less Talk More Action is our motto. Are you someone with a dream? Are you someone with a vision?

Our dream is to see a united Africa, an independent and successful Africa that globally competes on the world stage by manufacturing, refining and producing. An Africa with structured governance that feeds its people with the vast land mass it has to produce food to feed the world.

We are building an Africa that witnesses people coming back by air and sea to live a life that was destined for them in Africa and not in Europe
GoGetters Global is a movement of opportunity makers that sleep late and wake up early, if you want to be part of a network that enables you to speak things into existence then join the movement and apply for our leadership programme.

Tola James-Odukoya

About Tola James-Odukoya

Tola is a recent graduate (BA Commercial Studies) and the founder of Kokoriah. Tola’s unique abilities were first spotted by SERCO directors when he partook in a business challenge and was awarded the highest prize. With his keen interest in international relations, GoGetters has given Tola the opportunity to unite with like-minded individuals in search of opportunities to aid prosperity in Africa and encourage fellow entrepreneurs.

  • mr_mitch_a

    I really enjoyed reading this. As a follower of Thomas Sankara myself, I was glad that you flagged up his example. :)

    My comment; building on from the second paragraph is that, sometimes, adhering to our promise to the continent requires the ultimate sacrifice from us. In Sankara’s case- death. In our case, it might be along the lines of not compromising our own personal ideals/integrity.

    In all, great piece. I look forward to reading more from you.

  • GoGetters

    Thank you ever so much. You hit the nail on the head with your comment and i couldn’t agree more.

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