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You have a great idea, then what? 

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‘I wish’ and ‘someday’ are words which have no definitive timeline, but you have to start somewhere to make it anywhere. When GoGetters was in its fetus stage, I shared a vision of someday Africa rising and us being a part of it not from London but on the ground in Africa. A week later I had created a well thought out proposal of how I believed I could lead a team across 6 African countries. Though it was short, it had all the key information they needed to believe. I started somewhere and you can too. If you are ready to Go Get It, then read on!
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Part 2

Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast – (Part 2)

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What happened?
On the 17 May 2013 that question, “what’s happening in Africa in terms of business, technology and innovation?”, slapped me in my face, and I decided I was going to embark on a research mission into business and technology within sub-Saharan Africa. Attending events, reading books and online articles wasn’t enough. I felt I needed to be on the ground, experiencing the people and culture, meeting and building relationships with trusted entrepreneurs, business advisors, investors and government officials.
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