IPAM Entrepreneurship Workshop

Friday 28th February 2014

GoGetters in partnership with IPAM present … The IPAM Entrepreneurship Workshop. The event will see students, budding entrepreneurs, and those with a startup (early/growth phase) come together to share ideas, experiences, and network. This is an informative, interactive, and thought-provoking workshop, bringing together different parts of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. These include entrepreneurs, investors, and government, who will interact with attendees, inspiring them to adopt the entrepreneurial frame of mind.

Time: 12noon to 5PM / Date: Friday 28th February 2014 / Venue: IPAM University

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No Talk, All Action

We at GoGetters believe that anyone is reachable and anything is possible!! That is the mind-set of a successful entrepreneur. The workshop is for those who want to invest in themselves and believe in the power of entrepreneurship; it is for today’s forward thinkers – tomorrow’s leaders.

Attendees will be taught to be proactive and they will participate in discussions to answer questions such as:

• How do you attract and retain talent?

• How important is the value of family in business?

• How to turn an idea into a business with NO MONEY

• Money rules, but how do we rule money?

The workshop will be FREE for the attendees. The capacity is held at 100 attendees. Registration is now open. Interested attendees will be pre-screened before being given confirmation. To register, please text in to +232 (0) 7634 0920, or register at IPAM, either with Mrs Claudette Ahiabor or at the Student Activities Office in the Student Affairs Department. Only 100 seats available, space will run out fast so hurry and sign up!

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Emmanuel Towe

Emmanuel Towe

Founder & MD of E&J General Services

Emmanuel Towe is the founder and MD of E&J general services, which is a printing, recruitment, procurement, event management and marketing company. The company has been in existence since 2010 and has 6 staffs and two partners. The company did the first newsletter for Sierra Leone parliament and have secured clients such as the tony Blair faith foundation, 50/50 groups, world vision, population media center and water ministry. Emmanuel came to Sierra Leone 1999 from Liberia. He attended institute of commercial management (I.C.M) London where he read marketing, advertising, public relation, and international business communication. He began his career as a teacher and then went on to become a marketer, a recruitment consultant, a marketing manager and now an entrepreneur.

Claudette Ahiabor

Claudette Ahiabor

Founder & CEO of Smile Juice

Claudette Ahiabor is the founder of Smile, which produces Smile Juice, Smile Liquid soap, Smile Shower gel and Smile floor cleaners. In June of 2014 Smile Dettol, Smile Bleach and Smile Glass Cleaners will also start. In 2011 she attended a forum where she learnt that even though juice concentrate was being processed in Sierra Leone, it was to be exported to the European and Ghanaian markets. She thought that this was ridiculous giving the fact that Sierra Leoneans would not have an opportunity of consuming juice processed on their soil. She went to work and started producing her first product. Claudette started her professional career in the banking industry where she worked for a total of 13 years. She is now an entrepreneur and a university lecturer at IPAM. Claudette is of the opinion that entrepreneurial opportunities in Sierra Leone are superfluous, excessive, and over the top. Citizens only need to look around, Imagine, and Think big.

Salton Massally

Salton Massally

Founder & CTO of Careers.sl

Salton Massally is a versatile and professional software developer committed to developing innovative solutions. At the tender age of 23 he is CTO of a software company he founded, after self-teaching himself to code, winning numerous awards, including the UNDP 2013 and Innovation Award. He believes that ICT can be an enabler of socioeconomic development in Africa, and to this end explores and builds solutions aiming to bridge the extreme digital divide on the continent. This is achieved by creating applications that provide labor market information, market information or mobile health data, through easily accessible means like mobile internet and SMS.


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