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GoGetters Africa Promise

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GoGetters Africa - A channel for opportunity makers to build creative solutions to transform sub-Saharan Africa

I, _____________________________, am aware that signing this document is only a first step to keeping my African promise. I therefore undertake to use this as a Launchpad to consistently apply myself to fulfilling my promise to the African continent.

My promise is to ensure there is a paradigm shift in my work and daily life, thereby refocusing to harness people’s potentials. By so doing, I will consistently strive to unlock Africa’s greatest wealth – its people. This is borne from the belief that in order to achieve true economic liberation for the African continent, the people have to lead the movement.

By signing this document, I attest that I am an individual who is committed to implementing positive change on the African continent. I attest that I consistently create opportunities; by exerting and spending myself to finding solutions for the unique challenges faced in Africa, rather than complaining.

I am cognizant that the African promise is bigger than my personal goals, although they remain in tandem. I subscribe to the understanding that the promise is one of interdependency and trust – therefore, I will ensure that I unlock potential in those I work with in any capacity. This way, these individuals are empowered to also pursue their promise for Africa. By so doing, I am chasing a legacy – the legacy of an Africa that the next generation will be proud of.

As a Go-Getter, I pledge to ensure that I am a paragon of integrity, that my actions demonstrate love, that my ideas are executed with savvy precision, that my colleagues and partners feel synergy in our teamwork, and that all my exertions and actions are adjudged to be progressive. I am confident that my commitment to these values will help me fulfil my promise to the continent.

Finally, by exhibiting a resourceful disposition; being fiercely driven in the pursuit of my goals; demonstrating resilience in the face of challenges; and being trustworthy no matter the situation; I will seek to implement innovative ideas.

I make this promise to Africa. This __________________ 20__ (Insert date)

I _____________ hereby make this promise as a first step. I will now strive to actualise it by setting achievable daily targets. Fulfilling this promise has thus become a daily endeavour.

Alieu Fofanah

About Alieu Fofanah

An Associate Chartered Accountant who in 2010 was invited to the House of Lords by Lord Adebowale, to feature as a Future Leader in the Magazine published by Powerful Media. Previously worked as a debt restructuring and business recovery specialist at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Alieu’s vision for GoGetters to act as a channel for entrepreneurs to build creative solutions, which transform the world.

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