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Dreams Can Come True

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Prospective entrepreneurs are constantly caught in difficult circumstances; the most common is the decision to quit their job in order to devote undisrupted time to starting a business or work on the business part time and stay employed. I personally experienced this situation, and the problem I faced was whilst working in a white collar job, my mind was never at peace, constantly wondering and thinking of the email that needed to be sent and the meeting that was due to be arranged. These result in the lack of focus of one’s present situation and that could mean risking the job that pays the bills. If only there was a programme where entrepreneurs could apply for funding to cover his/hers personal expenses whilst concentrating on their project. A programme that only those with validated ideas can apply and get funding for the exchange of some equity in the business. Noting that as far as I am aware, this does not exist so why don’t we all put our strengths and networks together and create it. The mind of an entrepreneur: we find gaps and fill it.

Tola and Alieu with Mr Femi Sunmonu

Tola and Alieu with Mr Femi Sunmonu

The struggle of an entrepreneur is real, with little interest regarding the sanctions on Russia or the world ending (maybe a little as we would have no customers), our main concern is witnessing the dream and vision come to life and not only that but also flourish, and that is the beginning and the end of it. It proves ever so difficult to wake up in the morning, have a coffee only to play a role in a job that you despise as each minute goes by. You know your worth, you know your capabilities and you can see where you ought to be. However your manager doesn’t care, you have a job to do, and you do care because it pays your bills…LIFE WHY ARE YOU SO CRUEL!! Nonetheless the struggle and pain makes the success taste ever so sweet, but there are still those who work in industries that are directly related to their entrepreneurial journey, nothing better than obtaining primary knowledge from the source.

Tola's interview with ONTV

Tola’s interview with ONTV

Waking up every morning, with the scorching hot, blinding sun bursting through the window, still in sleep state not knowing if the electricity is on, but you think it is on because you feel that breeze on  your body, you wouldn’t dare open the windows at night because the mosquitoes would make a feast of your body despite the mosquito nets; yet this was a great feeling that I got accustomed to whilst in Africa. Of course there is more to Africa, after a busy day you can look forward to an evening of relaxation on the beach, that is a bonus, however the main reason I loved the experience was because I woke up doing what I loved, doing what makes me truly happy. The thought of traffic was not a problem at all, the thought of entering cabs with no A/C was not an issue, that was part of the excitement. I attended and arranged meetings with different stakeholders; from government officials to entrepreneurs, investors and directors. I attended meetings with the GoGetters team to plan for deadlines and execute targets, I lived life to the fullest of my capacity (without the chauffeur and Rolls RoyceJ), the perception of being independent and interdependent with GoGetters was exciting. The secret to success is loving what you do. From a young age I always saw myself flying 1st class, attending business meetings, negotiating deals with senior individuals and important organisations; like all budding entrepreneurs with big dreams do. I lived my dream and it felt great, so from this moment going forth I vow to continue putting my all into my business projects, allowing me to wake up every morning knowing I’m living and doing what I was intended to do.

Tola and Dayo at the Nigerian event

Tola and Dayo at the Nigerian event

Once you start something, you have the power to finish it; after all, tiny drops of water make an ocean and a tiny acorn grows to become a marvellous oak tree. It is important to create your vision, as ancient philosopher Plato once wrote ‘The beginning is the most important part of the work’, Peter Jones from Dragons Den stated that ‘Beginning with the end in mind is a rule that all Tycoons follow’ whilst George Bernard Shaw once said ‘Imagination is the beginning of creation’. It does not matter what profession you are in whilst moonlighting on your business project, the success of your business is what matters; it’s not a race, it’s a marathon. I realize that to this day I still need to remind myself of this as I have a very impatient ‘I want it done now’ attitude. However, a wise man once told me that impatient people get things done; I couldn’t agree more.

‘Better is the end of a thing than it’s beginning, and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in Spirit’ (Ecclesiastes 7:8)

Tola on the last day of shooting the GG ghana documentary

Tola on the last day of shooting the GG ghana documentary


Tola James-Odukoya

About Tola James-Odukoya

Tola is a recent graduate (BA Commercial Studies) and the founder of Kokoriah. Tola’s unique abilities were first spotted by SERCO directors when he partook in a business challenge and was awarded the highest prize. With his keen interest in international relations, GoGetters has given Tola the opportunity to unite with like-minded individuals in search of opportunities to aid prosperity in Africa and encourage fellow entrepreneurs.

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