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Conquering the greatest city in Africa (Part 2)

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Interested in starting a business¬†in Africa’s biggest economy?

Here is a quick 15-min guide for everything you need to know to get started. This guide is provides an overview of the Nigerian market size, key players, challenges then touches on rules/regulations, local culture and opportunities.

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Nigeria: twice as hard and twice as easy

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To be honest, when I left I had a feeling I wouldn’t be back for a while. October 16th 2009 I left the UK for a *holiday* and well the rest is history. At first it was extremely hard to adjust to the people, the air, the customs, the light(electricity), the traffic and everything Lagos throws at you. After sobbing about it for a while, one day I just made a decision to make the most of it and I haven’t looked back since. Adjusting became much easier after this. I started looking at the country and life in general from a different angle. I started asking why. Why are we so behind? Like were we sleeping when the British were building cities and economies that the world would thrive on. An I honestly think that’s the only problem we as Nigerians have – the Inability to ask why. If we got to the grassroots of problems instead of just complaining about them we might actually start finding some solutions.
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